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Who I am and what I do?

Video Talk Show Hosts, Vloggers, and Newscasters, Coaches, Religious Presenters, Pastors, Trainers, have you ever wanted to be free to move around the room, studio, or stage and have a professional videographer follow you on video?
WHAT IF you could walk into the room, set up your Presenter’s Secret in a few minutes, download the app onto your phone, and set the camera to track your face, (even in a crowd), so that you can move around the room freely and the camera follows you? (Face Recognition Gimbal) Write on the whiteboard, do magic tricks, shake the odd sleeper awake, and it’s all on video.
Did you know that, in spite of the excellent, riveting information you share, your audience often tunes you out or thinks they can check their email, texts, or Facebook while intending to listen to you? A “Talking Head” can be b-b-b-b-boring.

Why spend a lot of time and money on cut-aways, inserts, pictures, video clips, and attention – grabbing graphics? Set up your Presenter Augment, and you’re off to the races.

PLUS you can also easily set the device to do a lovely 360-degree video of the room, or a 180-degree photo panorama!

AND you can use it as a gimbal selfie stick or film with it, enjoying the stabilization features!

All for a small, one-time investment that can take you to the next level of professionalism.