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After coaching business owners and presenting seminars around the world for 30 years, I have first-hand experience of the importance of recording my presentations on video. In addition, I see excellent Vlogs, webinars, training sessions and sermons done by true professionals missing out on a far larger audience, hence income, because the presenter or speaker or trainer is sitting still or standing in one place. Like the one of me pictured above. After all, we can’t all afford professional videographers.
So when my business partner and I were presented with the amazing Presenter’s Secret at the huge Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, I was blown away. This amazing, affordable, easy-to-use gimbal that can recognize your face and follow you around, even in a crowd, and take 360-degree videos and 180-degree photos panoramas, as well as enable you to film by moving the camera around in a room, is the answer to any teacher or presenter’s prayers.
In fact, you can even set this device up and film yourself performing, presenting, or preaching without an audience or a videographer. The gyroscope in it allows perfect filming, even if you want to use it like a selfie stick or film your surroundings while you’re moving! Simply download the app, pop your iPhone or smartphone into the device, balance it, set it up, and you’re off to the races.

All for a small, one-time investment!